HyMAP aims at developing a new generation of multifunctional hybrid photocatalysts which would allow the exploitation of at least 1 % of the sunlight energy for the CO2 photoreduction using water as electron donor. To achieve this goal, HyMAP encompasses an interdisciplinary research program through which several breakthroughs at different scales will be achieved:

  • Development of efficient multifunctional organic/inorganic semiconductors and metal-organic frameworks photocatalysts with separated reduction/oxidation active sites, maximized charge separation and transport processes, and improved light harvesting.
  • Use of metal nanoparticles with enhanced Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) effect able to improve light harvesting, store and transfer charge carriers and co-catalyse reduction or oxidation reactions.
  • Characterization and modelling of the structural and opto-electronic properties of inorganic photocatalysts, metal/inorganic junctions and organo-inorganic hybrid materials.
  • Development of efficient photoreactors, solar reactors and photoelectrochemical devices with a view on the scale-up of artificial photosynthetic processes.

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